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My Story is one of courage, and strength.  Through God, aka my best friend,I not only survived physical and mental abuse as a young wife and mother, In 1978 immediately after high school graduation,I married and abusive man. I was a prisoner for over a decade, no self worth. My 3 beautiful young girls begging me not to quit life.  I left one night, no money, no car, no job and 3 children for a 1200 mile journey home to Indiana.  It was then I decided I would be someone, I was a survivor,I would not quit, I would never let others feel less important in life like I had. I worked 2 jobs, went back to school and became a Medical Assistant in 1991, spent my career in Occupational Medicine and later retired from a major insurance company as a Project Manager, helping physicians with getting just reimbursements. I retired and took my 401K to invest in me. I met my soulmate and married again in 1992.  
Being your skin's best friend is my passion.

I now enjoy mentoring and training new estheticians with skincare problems in my acne treatment program.  Seeing them succeed is worth It all. 

I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur, I wanted to make an impact on the world.  I had so many dreams. So, I started a hot dog cart business in 2000 part time.  I grew my business to 4 mobile carts and several private food contracts, catering and pursuing my second love.  Food !  You will still find me posting pictures of my favorite foods on my facebook page.  After several years I decided I wanted to go back to my roots, maybe medical.  That is when I decided to pursue a career as an Esthetician (skin therapist).  I opened my first studio in 2010, I was always told that I had problem skin, It was very reactive, acne prone and undependable.  I was embarassed from time to time.  I still at times struggle with reactive skin but can now manage It well.  I knew that I wanted to help women, men and teens who are embarrassed with their skin problems. I wanted It to be effective but affordable.  I am not the "spa" type.  I want everyone to feel like I am their skin's best friend. Over the last few years I created a private label line that is not irritating, it's effective for acne prone skin.  I LOVE WHAT I DO....let me  be your skin's best friend.  
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